Small luxury headphones


Sale: $ 169

Style Tag: Guitar Sounds British Vintage with Remote Control


British Marshall is a professional rock and roll band, and the home product is a guitar speaker for the stage performance. Civilian headphones are just the “amateur” products they have handed out. But worthy of the big name, MAJOR FX series flagship headphones hold the British retro tonality, full of emotions: unique rounded square earmuff design, leather head beam, winding headphone cable, inside founder Sir Jim Marshall signature. In terms of color, classic black and white can be versatile. Click hereThe latest brown and the slightly higher price of black gold are very suitable for leather out of the street, enough MAN! In terms of tuning, this earphone is naturally the most powerful to listen to a variety of electronic rock, and the vocals are worse.

Tips: It is recommended to buy in the regular B2C mall.


Sale: $ 168

Style Tag: Award-winning products Austrian sound bold avant-garde closed soundproofing


AKG, a major music country from Austria, is a professional headset brand with a lot of professional audio and amateur headphones. The most common in the world’s studios and radio stations is his classic model K240s. Despite being acquired by American Audio Group Harman Kardon, it began to tend to be younger and more tidal, but it is still pure in blood and rich in drops.

Such a professional connotation, when it comes to playing, it will often give birth to the classic model of “human beauty sweet”. For example, the Y50 is the young man who listens to music on his mobile phone. AKG’s earphones have always been “K” numbers, “Y” is brand new, and it has also made the biggest breakthrough in the history of the brand. The huge AKG letter logo on the earmuffs was deliberately cut off, and it was out of the ordinary. The bold and avant-garde design may not appeal to everyone, but on the sound quality, Y50 is the winner of the British HiFi magazine “What HiFi” 2014 “Best Portable Headphones of the Year”. Functionally, in order to highlight the portable, it can be folded in two stages; the wire control with wheat can switch to the mobile phone call state at any time; the closed design has good sound and noise reduction effect.


Sale: $178

Style Tag: Three separate designs, a variety of colors, American street


His headphones have inherited the commonality of Beats and Monster: first-class workmanship and cool form. Blue is the blue, SOL uses a unique headband, earphones, headphone cable three separate design, that is, players can freely combine a variety of different headband and headphones to play their own effects. We recommend the brand’s Tracks HD series, which is made of aluminum alloy casing, which is more beautiful and durable. The headset introduces the brand’s high-end “V10” engine, and the tri-band is more balanced.

Sennheiser URBANITE

Sale: $ 199

Style Tag: Modern Popular weapon

Sennheiser URBANITE

Not all headphones can afford the word “prestige”, Sennheiser is worthy. The Momentum series earphones, which are called “Big Skull” and “Little Skull” by the earphone fever circle, are the best interpretation in a visual and auditory sense. However, to sculpt the aristocratic temperament of the retro headphones, you are worthy of high, no Huss Town cannot live, and I feel that it does not match a five-digit big-name camel woolen coat, how can there be no Korean male actor’s warm male fan.

So I decided to recommend that his family price is more intimate and more colorful. It is also the latest portable headset series UrbanNite in 2014. The official translation is called “Urban People” – in fact, it’s the night of the city, not to hit the game or How can a glass of red wine be accompanied by a movie? Foldable, headset control, modern shape, if not the eye-catching Sennheiser logo, you may think it is American. But solid German manufacturing work and a rigorous tuning style can still tell you his Hi-Fi lineage.

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