B&O and JVC headphones

B&O Beoplay Earset high-end ear-hook wireless Bluetooth headset

The B&O brand was founded in 1925 by two young Danish engineers in a Danish town. Later, B&O became one of the most influential and valuable brands in Denmark. B&O products have become the “mark of Danish quality”.

Beoplay Earset is a high-end ear-hook wireless Bluetooth headset. The adjustment system on the earphone can freely adjust the angle and height of the earphone and the fit of the earphone hook. It can be rotated freely and is easy to wear. Of course, it is also very comfortable to wear. The ear hooks are made of brushed aluminum and rubber and are zero-bound to your ears.

Beoplay Earset uses 14.2mm moving coil unit, black and white, forever classic color. The Earset is designed with an alumina casing for durability and high value.

Beoplay Earset has a top audio engineer to design and make this more ergonomic headset. Support Bluetooth 4.2, constructed according to the principle of the open speaker, let you listen to music naturally. You can also feel the smog of the traffic, it is a perfect wraparound music experience.

Not so much Earset is a combination of Beoplay 3i and PowerBeats, it is better to say that Earset is the terminator of the first two. Every step of the sublimation of technology is stepping on the shoulders of giants. Only in this way can we have a breakthrough and develop.

JVC XE-M10BT professional strong bluetooth headset

JVC is the world’s most powerful music company in the music industry. The foundation is that JVC is the first record company in Asia and now has the largest studio in Japan. JVC 90 years of history has contributed a lot of HiFi music to music fans.

The XE-M10BT is a relatively powerful Bluetooth headset introduced by JVC in the first half of this year. It supports active noise reduction, monitor tuning, and environmental mixing systems. For professional musicians, the practicality and utilization of the M10BT headphones should be relatively high.

The M10BT neckline is a combination of a three-dimensional metal frame and a neck-mounted leather material that resembles a guitar pickup. The overall style of the headset is really different from that of a normal Bluetooth headset. It is more rock and punk, especially the leather shoulder pad. This type of earphone is still rare.

The better portability and longer battery life of the M10BT neck-mounted Bluetooth headset have become a weapon for the headphones enthusiasts to go out of the street. The fans have always responded well, of course, the value of the hair is not to be said.

It is worth mentioning that all operations of the headset can be completed through a dedicated APP, which is more convenient and efficient to use. In terms of audio transmission, M10BT uses K2 Technology developed by JVC. In simple terms, it can restore the essence of music and compensate for the loss of signals in the ordinary Bluetooth audio transmission process. K2 technology is used to restore and repair Bluetooth sound quality, and of course, solve this historical problem. In addition, Bluetooth coding technology needs to be explained by Sony and Apple. You need your mobile phone to support their encoding before you can match the Bluetooth headset. Apple AAC exclusive, using Apple mobile phone, Sony LDAC is currently not supported very widely, aptX basic It is supported by high-end mobile phones. K2 is a completely different technology from them. He supports all mobile phones and can be promoted together with other technologies.

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